Benzinga Expanding Cryptocurrency, Blockchain And Crypto ETF Coverage To Meet Institutional Demand

Benzinga, a leading provider of breaking news and data services to North American brokerages and hedge funds, announced plans to expand their news coverage to include cryptocurrency to meet growing interest from its institutional clients. This expansion includes a dedicated cryptocurrency newsfeed product curated towards the major coins, blockchain developments, and crypto ETFs.

“As cryptocurrencies became mainstream news in 2017, traffic increased by double digits on crypto articles,” said Benzinga Head Of Newsdesk Brent Slava. “Some of our writers have been covering cryptocurrencies for years - for them this level of interest is unprecedented, and our partners have communicated that they have rapidly growing demand for coverage of this space.”

The renewed focus on cryptocurrencies will take the form of dedicated beat writers and a designated channel for all cryptocurrency and blockchain news. Benzinga’s cryptocurrency feed will be available to clients through TCP, API, FTP and RSS delivery methods, and is available in basic and premium packages.

The basic cryptocurrency newsfeed product includes 15-20 headlines and stories per day and covers most major currencies. The premium feed covers all news, up to 35 headlines and stories a day, including trading ideas and intraday price updates.

For more information on Benzinga’s news products, including the cryptocurrency feed, contact John Bolton, Benzinga’s Licensing Operations Manager, at or 313-246-1807.

About Benzinga

Benzinga is a leading financial media company dedicated to making information easier to consume. Benzinga’s news desk is constantly breaking stories and moving billions of dollars of market capitalization through its real-time news tool, Benzinga Pro. Benzinga’s original content is syndicated to 70 partner websites, such as Yahoo! Finance, MSN, CNNMoney, Fox Business, Marketwatch, and more.

Benzinga is the leading provider of news to the North American brokerage community, with a client list including TD Ameritrade (NASDAQ:AMTD), LightSpeed, TradeKing, and many more. The company is headquartered in downtown Detroit and dedicated to driving Detroit’s renaissance. For more information, check out,, and Benzinga Events.

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