Comcast Announces The Expansion Of Its Comcast Business Gigabit Internet In Western United States

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) announced on November 1 that it had successfully expanded its gigabit speed internet service for businesses in more areas in Western United States.

The internet service provider revealed that it has expanded the gigabit speed internet service in more Western U.S areas making it accessible to more business customers. Some of the places that will benefit from the expansion include Washington, Utah, Oregon, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Houston, Colorado and California.

Comcast proudly announced that its 'Business Internet 500' and its 'Business Internet 1 Gig' tiers will now be available to businesses located in the newly served areas in Western US. The expansion is expected to cater to the increasing demand for faster internet in these areas and it will also allow the company to usher in more customers. The ISP believes that the timing is ideal especially as businesses shift to cloud computing.

“With more companies adopting cloud-based services, leveraging SD-WAN to connect branch locations, and using high-performance internet as a competitive differentiator and growth tool, it’s more important than ever that organizations manage their current bandwidth needs while also planning for the future requirements and the dynamics of the digital transformation of businesses,” stated Peter Neill, the VP of Comcast Business for the company’s division in Western U.S.

The ‘Business Internet 500’ and the ‘Business Internet 1 Gig’ tiers which are based on the DOCSIS 3.1 business internet service make it possible for Comcast to deploy business-grade gigabit service throughout its already existing network. It will also complement the already existing gigabit internet options that the company offers to business customers. The recently announced expansion highlights the ISP’s nationwide expansion plan which kicked off in 2011.

Comcast did not go into the pricing details though the subscription fees will vary depending on the location as well as the package that a business selects. The expansion will also allow the company to compete more effectively with rival internet service providers offering gigabit-speed internet.

Comcast stock closed the latest trading session on Thursday at $35.15, after falling 2.58%.

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