Why Tech Investors Should Consider Visa Inc. Following Strong Earnings

Shares of credit card company Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) have been on the rise of late, following an earnings beat last week which sent shares of the consumer credit company higher. With strong macroeconomic growth in consumer spending spurring a renaissance among global leaders in providing consumer credit options, Visa has seen its market capitalization increase further, crossing the $250-billion valuation this past month.

While some investors may remain concerned about the potential for a market correction or recession on the horizon which would potentially impact consumer credit companies such as Visa, the company’s new technological advancements in how consumers and businesses are able to pay for goods and services is shaping up to take advantage of long-term growth trends in e-commerce and global consumption which are unlikely to be deterred in the long-term.

Visa’s mVisa and Visa Direct options provide customers with new ways of paying for goods and services through the "Internet of Things" (IoT).

The IoT movement is one which has continued to provide a significant amount of growth for consumer spending worldwide, with consumers using smart devices to make payments instead of traditional plastic cards, ushering a new era of consumer spending which is ready to propel companies like Visa into the 22nd century. With a relatively rich valuation, I would encourage investors to consider Visa on any near or medium term weakness moving forward.

Invest wisely, my friends.

Tech Insider