Should You Buy it for Life?

When looking for a new pair of shoes, jeans, or other piece of clothing, many people are price-conscious shoppers. They’ll buy the cheapest replacement they can.

We all know the problem in doing that. Cheap clothes are inexpensive for a reason. Quality just isn’t there.

At the same time, many expensive brands also skimp out on the little things that turn a nice piece of clothing into something truly worth talking about. In other words, you pay for the brand’s marketing, not its workmanship.

Some people simply refuse to take part in this game. Their solution? Spend extra today and buy the best quality available. If done right, buying something for life saves a mountain of money over the long-term.

Say you buy a $100 pair of shoes every year. A $400 pair costs four times as much day one, but they last for a decade. It’s a far better decision to bite the bullet and buy the more expensive pair.

There are a few problems with the buy it for life mentality, however. The first is it’s tough for the average consumer to differentiate from something made well versus something marketed as high quality. We just don’t know enough about shoes or pants or shirts.

We’re also hardwired to want new things. A two-year-old pair of shoes might be perfectly fine, but we get tired of looking at them. So we buy new ones when we don’t have to.

Finally, there’s the initial investment. Many can’t afford to spend so much at once.

The bottom line? The concept of buy it for life is a smart one, and I would encourage anyone to give it a shot. Just make sure it’s implemented correctly.