Canada Revenue Tax Professionals Say System Favours Wealthy People: Survey

A survey of more than 1,700 auditors and other tax professionals who work for the Canada Revenue Agency found that they feel the current tax system favours wealthy individuals.

Nine out of 10 survey respondents agreed with the statement: "It is easier for corporations and wealthy individuals to evade and/or avoid tax responsibilities than it is for average Canadians." The survey was conducted by the union, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) and did not involve the Canada Revenue Agency.

Still, more than eight out of 10 tax professionals polled agreed that "tax credits, tax exemptions, and tax loopholes disproportionately benefit corporations and wealthy Canadians compared to average Canadians." And 45% agreed that the Canada Revenue Agency's mandate has been "compromised by political interference"

The online survey, conducted between February 20 and March 6, included managers, forensic accountants, economists, statisticians and actuaries — the tax professionals who are assigned to the accounts of large corporations and the wealthy, rather than those of average taxpayers and small businesses.

Three-quarters of the CRA tax professionals surveyed also agreed with the claim that "multinational corporations shift profits to low-tax regions even when there is little to no corresponding economic activity taking place in that jurisdiction."

The CRA was not involved in the project; communications were direct between the union and its members.