Ford Trucks Are The Most Often Stolen Vehicles In Canada – Report

If you’re concerned about your vehicle being stolen, then you might want to think twice about buying a Ford truck.

According to a new report by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), Ford F-Series pickup trucks are the most frequently stolen vehicle in Canada. In fact, Ford trucks take the top five spots on the IBC's national list of most often stolen vehicles across the country.

Other popular vehicles targeted by thieves in Canada include the Nissan Maxima, Chevy Silverado and Jeep Liberty. The current holiday period – notably New Year's Day – is the most common time for vehicles to be stolen – primarily because cars are filled with gifts at this time of year.

Overall, auto theft in Canada is up 6% on an annual basis, according to IBC. New Brunswick tops the list with a 28% increase, followed by Ontario with a 15% increase, Quebec, up 7%, and Alberta up 6% — the highest per capita increase in Canada.

To minimize the chances of your vehicle being stolen, the IBC recommends:

Don't leave your vehicle unattended and running

Don't leave your keys or key fobs unattended

Don't leave valuables visible on the seats

Park in a well-lit area, ideally in a secure garage

The IBC report uses data from insurance company members across the country to compile its report on the most often stolen vehicles in Canada.