Pot Stock Insiders Aggressively Sell Shares

Canada’s marijuana stocks have been some of the nation’s best performing stocks over the last year as investors try and cash in on what they see as an inevitable marijuana boom when Canada legalizes the drug. Legalization now looks likely to happen on July 1, 2018; there are just a few more details to iron out.

This boom has made a lot of company execs rich as their stock options have suddenly become very valuable. Naturally, these folks are beginning to sell and lock in their gains.

Canopy Growth Corp (TSX:WEED) has seen some of the most aggressive selling. In the last two months alone, insiders -- including Chairman and CEO Bruce Linton -- have sold more than three million shares, netting more than $7 million. Many of these shares were recently acquired stock options.

Insiders at Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSXV:ACB) have also been heavy sellers lately. Since March 1, approximately 10 Aurora insiders have sold nearly five million shares, netting close to $11 million in the process. Like with Canopy, most of the shares were recently granted stock options.

It’s easy to see why insiders are selling today. Canopy shares are up 217% since it graduated to the TSX in July, 2016. Aurora Cannabis shares have increased from less than $0.60 a year ago to $2.79 today.

Both companies have also been active on the mergers and acquisitions front, which has restricted their management from selling shares. Remember, these execs can’t use any insider information to sell shares.

Investors should also keep in mind that many insiders still hold a lot of shares. Linton is still one of Canopy’s largest shareholders, retaining 2.8 million shares.