View Systems Hails New Security Device

It’s being called the "Swiss Army Knife" of walk-through detectors.

Philadelphia-based View Systems, Inc. (OTC:VSYM) is rolling out its new superior ViewScan II which will incorporate multiple sensing devices. Facial recognition, airborne chemicals, radiation detection, "sniffer" technologies and record keeping of individuals coming and going are just some of the comprehensive capabilities.

VSYM is a fully reporting diversified company with state-of-the-art security products sanctioned by Homeland Security.

Self-contained, battery-operated, portable with wireless communication to a central network is being touted as the first such "smart" portal to enter the market.

CEO Gunther Than states: "We are focusing on enhancing what we have been successfully producing. Several of the original engineers have rejoined this effort and I liken it to 'putting the band back together.'"

VSYM acquired 11-10ths of a cent, or 52.4%, to 32-100ths of a cent late Thursday afternoon, on volume of 3.4 million shares.