Canada’s Sporting Life Launches ‘Team Town’ Retail Chain

Privately held Canadian retailer Sporting Life Group is launching a new retail chain focused on team sports.

The new chain is called “Team Town Sports” and will open its first three locations in Calgary, Alberta and Mississauga, Ontario this May.

Sporting Life Group, which also operates Golf Town and Sporting Life stores across Canada, says it plans to eventually expand the Team Town chain to 25 locations nationwide.

Sporting Life said the new chain will carry equipment for a range of team sports, including hockey, basketball, soccer and baseball.

Each store will feature a dedicated section for youth sports and plans to offer products for female athletes.

Sporting Life said it continues to examine lease options to open additional stores and might consider some locations vacated by Nordstrom (JWN), which announced last week that it is exiting the Canadian market.

Sporting Life Group’s stock is not publicly traded.