Canadian Crude Oil Shipments Via Pipelines Rose 1.1% In September Year-Over-Year

Transportation of oil and other liquid petroleum products via Canadian pipelines rose 1.1% in September compared to the same month in 2016, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

Canadian pipelines carried 21.0 million cubic metres of crude oil and equivalent products from Canadian oil fields and plants in September, a rise of 1.1% compared with September 2016, Statistics Canada said in a news release. The majority of the crude oil products carried by pipelines in September originated in Alberta (86.3%) and Saskatchewan (11.0%).

Of that total, 7.4 million cubic metres of crude oil was delivered to Canadian refineries via pipelines in September, up 5.9% compared with the same month a year earlier. Refineries located in western Canada received 67.8% of the crude oil and related products shipped by pipelines, while the remaining volumes were delivered to refineries in Ontario and Quebec.

In September, Canadian pipelines exported 14.4 million cubic metres of crude oil to the United States, up 5.1% compared with the same month in 2016. Meanwhile, imports of crude oil from the U.S. totalled 1.5 million cubic metres. In September, closing inventories of crude oil totalled 11.6 million cubic metres, down 1.1% compared with the same month a year earlier, said Statistics Canada.