Bitcoin and Ethereum Rule But These Cryptos Could Rally

Thanks to markets doubting the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes would hurt stock markets, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) enjoyed a strong month. BTC-USD rose by 20.5% in the last month. Its recovery amid rising bankruptcy news is unremarkable. Bitcoin has a history of overcoming market fears.

Ethereum (ETH-USD) fared well for the same reason by rising 21% in the month. Both coins rule the crypto market. The positive sentiment sets up a potential rally for the lesser followed cryptocurrencies.

Community embers voted overwhelmingly to use a third of Fantom’s burn fees to fund new projects. Currently, Fantom burns 30 of all tokents that are paid as network fees. This removes them from circulation. The community passed a governance vote to change that. One-third of the 30% fee will be submitted to an ecosystem support vault.

A Special Fee Contract (SFC) will hold that vault.

This is part of Fantom’s continuous evolution toward decentralization, according to the Fantom Foundation’'s tweet on July 5, 2022. In the last month, Fantom (FTM) rose from 24 cents to trade recently at $0.3454.

Novice investors should focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin first. They have the highest trading volume and liquidity.