Should Investors Buy This Green Power Company’s Juicy Dividend Yield?

For investors looking for “green” companies to complement a portfolio of otherwise purely capitalistic plays, finding such a company with a decent yield can be a difficult task.

Enter Northland Power Inc. (TSX:NPI) with its current yield of more than 4.8%, placing this company in the upper echelon of companies in terms of sustainable yields investors should consider for regular income. Northland’s portfolio of operations in Canada and globally is well-diversified, making this a name which has often been sought by investors seeking diversification as well as other mandates.

Shares of Northland have generally traded sideways over the better part of two years, partially stifled by a rising interest rate environment which has made investing in bond-like proxies such as Northland less attractive.

That being said, taking a longer view of the markets in that interest rates are likely to remain lower for longer in the long-term, a 4.8% yield is certainly nothing to sneeze at and should remain a significant selling point for investors in need of income options in their portfolio.

As an investment for an environmentally conscious individual, or a person nearing retirement or in retirement who is looking for stable growth and yield, Northland appears to be an excellent option in this regard.

I would definitely recommend investors take a look at Northland as well as a few other green energy companies as excellent plays long term, given an increasing trend among some investors with “green” investing mandates.

Invest wisely, my friends.