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August 2014

Wednesday,August 06,2014 Canadian international merchandise trade: 8:30am June Canada's merchandise exports rose 1.1% in June, while imports declined 1.8%. As a result, Canada's trade surplus with the world widened from $576 million in May to $1.9 billion in June. Canada's merchandise exports advanced 3.5% and imports grew 1.6% in May. As a result, Canada's trade deficit with the world narrowed from $961 million in April to $152 million in May.
Thursday,August 07,2014 IVEY purchasing managers index: 10:00am July Western University's Ivey Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) by the end of July 2014 stood at 54.1, compared to 46.9 in June, and 48.4 in July 2013. Western University's Richard Ivey School of Business said its Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) by the end of June 2014 stood at 46.9. The corresponding Ivey PMI figure for May 2014 was 48.2, compared to 55.3 for June 2013, and 49.0 for June 2012
Thursday,August 07,2014 Building Permits: 8:30am June Contractors took out building permits worth $8.0 billion in June, up 13.5% from May. Statistics Canada reported that municipalities issued building permits worth $6.9 billion in May, up 13.8% from April. This followed a 2.2% rise in the previous month.
Friday,August 08,2014 Labour Force Survey: 7:00am July Employment rose by 42,000 in July, the result of an increase in part-time work (+60,000). The unemployment rate declined 0.1 percentage points to 7.0%. Employment was little changed in June and the unemployment rate rose by 0.1 percentage points to 7.1% as more people were searching for work.
Monday,August 11,2014 Housing Starts: 8:15am July Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. says housing starts increased to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 189,784 in July, compared with 185,952 in June. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation said that the seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts rose to 198,200 units last month from May’s total of 197,000 units.
Thursday,August 14,2014 New Housing Price Index: 8:30am June The New Housing Price Index rose 0.2% in June, up slightly from the 0.1% gain observed in May. The New Housing Price Index rose 0.1% in May, following five months of gains ranging from 0.1% to 0.3%.
Friday,August 15,2014 Monthly Survey of Manufacturing: 8:30am June Manufacturing sales rose 0.6% in June to $52.0 billion, the fifth gain in six months. Manufacturing sales rose 1.6% to $51.6 billion in May, the fourth increase in five months.
Friday,August 15,2014 CREAstats - MLS sales: 8:30am July The Canadian Real Estate Association reported Friday morning that the number of home sales processed through the MLS® Systems of Canadian real estate Boards and Associations rose 0.8% on a month-over-month basis in July 2014, marking the sixth consecutive monthly increase and the highest level for sales since March 2010. The Canadian Real Estate Association reported this morning that national home sales activity edged up 0.8% on a month-over-month basis in June 2014. Actual (not seasonally adjusted) activity stood 11.2% above June 2013 levels.
Monday,August 18,2014 Canada's International Transactions in securities: 8:30am June Foreign investors reduced their holdings of Canadian securities by $1.1 billion in June, following investment totaling $31.6 billion over the previous two months. Meanwhile, Canadian investors continued their moderate investment in foreign securities by adding $2.0 billion to their portfolios in June. Foreign investors acquired $21.4 billion of Canadian securities in May, mainly government bonds. Canadian investors added $2.0 billion of foreign securities to their holdings in the month, largely non-U.S. instruments.
Wednesday,August 20,2014 Wholesale trade: 8:30am June Wholesale sales rose 0.6% to $53.0 billion in June, a third consecutive increase. Wholesale sales rose 2.2% to $52.6 billion in May, a second consecutive increase.
Thursday,August 21,2014 Employment Insurance: 8:30am June --- In May, the number of people receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits fell by 12,100 or 2.3%, after a year of little change. The total number of beneficiaries for the month was 504,100.
Friday,August 22,2014 Retail Trade: 8:30am June --- Retail sales rose 0.7% to $42.0 billion in May.
Friday,August 22,2014 Consumer Price Index: 7:00am July --- Consumer prices rose 2.4% in the 12 months to June, following a 2.3% increase in May. On a seasonally adjusted monthly basis, the Consumer Price Index increased 0.3% in June, after rising 0.2% in May.
Friday,August 29,2014 Industrial Product Price Index: 8:30am July --- The Industrial Product Price Index edged down 0.1% in June, mainly because of lower prices for motorized and recreational vehicles.
Friday,August 29,2014 Raw Materials Price Index: 8:30am July --- The Raw Materials Price Index rose 1.1%, largely as a result of higher prices for crude energy products.
Friday,August 29,2014 GDP: 8:30am June --- Real gross domestic product rose 0.4% in May, a fifth consecutive monthly increase. The output of service industries grew 0.4% and the output of goods-producing industries increased 0.5%.


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