The Yield Growth Corp.

12:18 PM EST - The Yield Growth Corp. : Announced that its Urban Juve products are now available in select Pharmasave stores in multiple provinces across Canada. Pharmasave stores in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are already carrying the Urban Juve Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray. Additional stores have pre-ordered the Urban Juve Hand Sanitizer Gel, which is expected to be available in August 2020. Other Pharmasave locations have placed orders for all natural products from the Urban Juve skin care line, and those products are expected to hit store shelves in August. "We are thrilled to be carried by such a well-known and respected Canadian brand," says Amber Allen, Head of Sales for Urban Juve. "We feel confident that having our Urban Juve products on Pharmasave shelves will increase the profile of our brand in the Canadian market." The Yield Growth Corp. shares C.BOSS are trading up 5.26 percent at $0.10.

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