VentroPoint Wins Contract with Major Toronto Hospital; Shares Spike

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd (TSX-Venture:VPT) scored a major coup on Monday – to be rewarded by its investors – in a large hospital in Canada’s biggest centre.

St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto has ordered the AI based VMS+ complete heart analysis system for use in clinical evaluations of cardiac patients.

Both the facility and the company point out that there are many potential applications for this innovative technology - including assessing ventricular volumes and function after percutaneous valve interventions, and in response to cancer chemotherapies, and tying these to clinical outcomes.

According to Ventripoint President Desmond Hirson, "We are very pleased to have the interest and commitment from such a high profile cardiac institution in our own backyard. We believe that our AI technology and product in the hands of Drs. Leong-Poi and Chow will make a valuable difference to patient outcomes."

Dr. Leong-Poi, is the Head of the Division of Cardiology at St. Michael's, while Dr. Chow is the Director of the Echocardiography Lab.

Shares in VPT proceeded skyward by lunch hour ET on Monday, leaping four cents, or 24.2%, to 20.5 cents, on impressive volume of 563,000.