Alliance Excites with New Technology, Shares Enjoy Lift

With the icy grip of winter overtaking a lot of North American locales this week, more and more folks are pining for a whiff of warmer Florida air. One company newly-installed there --Palm Beach Gardens, to be specific—is making a name for itself with new developments in its technology.

Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. (PINK:ALLM) exulted Thursday that the newly designed advanced prototype has been installed and has performed its initial runs. The advanced prototype showed above expected results, again confirming the robustness and disruptive nature of the CTS 2.0 technology.

Alliance focuses on green energy and renewable technologies. ABE developed a new and improved technology system that converts virtually any plant material – grasses, wood, paper, farm waste, yard waste, forestry products, fruit casings, nut shells, and the cellulosic portion of municipal solid waste -- into sugars and subsequently into biofuels without the use of enzymes or liquid acids.

Alliance plans to use this technology to develop a dual product strategy of both biofuels and bio-degradable plastics.

CEO Ben Slager says, “It is my strong expectation that … 2020 will be the turnaround year for Alliance. We have a solid technology to produce green energy and plastic products that are in very high demand worldwide.”

Investors caught the fever early Thursday afternoon, pushing ALLM’s price up by 18% to 6.49 cents, on volume of 190,000 shares.