AMD's Ryzen Turns One Year Old

How time flies. For the turnaround chip company, Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) tweeted that Ryzen reached its first year on the market. Though AMD has plenty of work ahead, the CEO, Lisa Su, is leading the company in the right direction.

AMD launched one year ago, on March 2, 2017. The company has an amazing team of engineers and although budget is tight, it will do what it can to promote the high-performance PCs and gain market share due to its superior innovation. AMD promo page touts the company as a supplier to the world’s leading game consoles, the ORION Supercomputer, and more.

Threadripper, which marks AMD’s entry in the high-end desktop, demonstrates its price/performance advantages of Intel’s i9. While Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is still leaning on its brand power and install base to justify the higher prices, AMD must prove its worth another way. The chip costs a fraction to that of Intel’s, for starters. By having more cores per core, AMD may target the video market.

Looking ahead, Ryzen needs time to establish its branding in the PC space. The Ryzen 5 targets the mainstream mid-performance market while the recently launched Ryzen 3 will interest the budget PC market. As demand peaks and Intel launches comparable products that match AMD on price but beat it on performance, AMD has Ryzen 2, which is manufactured on the 12 nm size. Worldwide availability will come in Q2/2018 (late-2018). By then, current Ryzen sales should support the revenue growth.