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Baby Boomers Spend Billions to Stay Young


Abattis Bioceuticals Signs $25 Million Deal with Dutchess Fund

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2015 / According to New York based Transparency Market Research the global nutraceuticals market will reach $204 billion by 2017 - fueled by health obsessed baby-boomers - who still ski and play competitive sports into their 60s and 70s.

Abattis Bioceuticals (ATT-CSE) (ATTBF-OTCQX) is a vertically integrated nutraceuticals company focused on monetizing natural health products from 'seed-to-sale'. An investor, aggregator and incubator, ATT addresses the entire commercial lifecycle of a variety of medicinal plants.

The company owns a portfolio of intellectual property including 15 proprietary formulas, seven registered US trademarks, two patent applications, over 500 Internet domains, and global rights to a Vertical Automated Growing System.

Abattis is active in the Canadian medicinal market place through its involvement with two Medical Marijuana Production applications and one Controlled Substance Dealer license (CSL) application with Health Canada.

"We have deeper technical knowledge and more ambitious financial goals than your average bio-tech company," stated ATT CEO William (Bill) Fleming in an exclusive interview with Financial Press, "Through ownership and partnerships we maintain control over the complete product development process - including botanical research, extraction technology and drug delivery technologies."

ATT's diverse product pipe-line includes an innovative vertical growing system called 'BioCube' which provides a controlled cannabis cultivation environment for high yield marijuana growing.

Made with lightweight fireproof anti-microbial materials the 308 ft2 BioCube can grow up to 960 cannabis plants - compared to only 100 under conventional conditions. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use, BioCube’s low cost smaller housing promotes strain separation and provides insurance against mass crop failures.

"Biocube is a compact efficient method of growing plants in urban environments," stated Fleming, "Since there are no restrictions on the equipment, we plan to sell it to companies in both Canada and the USA."

The fully automated system is ideal for boutique-packaged, pesticide-free organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. It features a touch screen, software-based air-flow, irrigation and lighting system.

"Early estimates show that a single Biocube could yield the same amount of produce as an acre of dirt in the Midwest," states Fleming, "It uses about 20% of the normal amount of water and because the environment is controlled there is no need for pesticides. The Biocube product is and will always be a work-in-progress whereby new technologies and customer demands will continuously define the product specifications for varying industry verticals."

ATT's vertical integration could induce a nose bleed. The tentacles of the company reach every link on the nutraceuticals value chain. As an example, its retail distribution arm owns Flash Freeze Extraction technology targeted to develop THC and CBD oils.

Part of Abattis' future product roadmap is to use 'waste streams' such as stems and leaves to create natural health products and pharmaceuticals.

On February 10, 2015 Biocell launched a marketing initiative to deliver Hemp-based nutraceutical supplements to the licensed health care provider marketplace.

"There are four major pathways for nutraceutical distribution," explains Biocell’s Brazos Minshew, "The top tier is always the professional marketplace targeting licensed healthcare providers. The physician or other licensed provider then makes the determination as to whether or not the nutraceutical will benefit the patient."

Minshew explains that other distribution channels include Direct Response advertising (including Internet sales), Direct Sales associations and the Retail marketplace, including brick-and-mortar vitamin stores, pharmacies or dispensaries.

"Our nutraceutical products are potent, powerful extracts of classic herbal medicines," states Minshew, "For example, Actaea racemosa is known to reduce nerve pain and pain associated with arthritis, as well as anxiety."

Biocell’s marketing announcement follows an agreement reached with Empirical Labs for the exclusive use of patented liposome technology. Liposomes are related to transport molecules that dramatically improve nutrient absorption into the cells of humans and animals, making herbal remedies even more powerful and effective.

"Our next step is to license these nutraceuticals with Health Canada," states Fleming, "And then to craft training literature for the doctors. We are anticipating product launches in Q2, 2015."

Abattis is gaining traction in the mainstream media. A 2014 Forbes article titled, '8 Hottest Publicly Traded Marijuana Companies' stated that, "Abattis provides cultivation systems, extraction equipment, and consulting services to growers. The company raised $3 million in private placements this year, and went on an acquisition spree."

Savvy institutional investors are also placing their bets on the ability of Abattis’ ability to generate profits in this burgeoning multi-billion dollar market.

February 04, 2015 Abattis announced that it had entered into a US $25 million equity line facility agreement with Dutchess Opportunity Fund which provides capital to start-up, pre-IPO and publicly-traded companies. Since 1996, Dutchess has made over 400 investments globally, with a total transaction value exceeding $2 billion.

"As one of the most active institutional investors in cannabis-related enterprises, we are excited to add another to our portfolio," stated Dutchess principal Douglas Leighton, "We remain very optimistic regarding Abattis' current business, its significant growth opportunities and the ability of Bill Fleming and their team to deliver."

Fleming says that is he going to use the proceeds from the Dutchess financing arrangement to fund the continued development of the Company's strategy spanning the entire industry supply chain from seed to sale.

"The additional funding will allow us to push forward with our acquisition and growth strategies of our services and products," confirmed Fleming.

"Our goals for 2015 are for Abattis to become the largest vertically integrated Plant Based Medicine Company in North America," states Fleming.

The ArcView Research Group predicts that the North American cannabinoid market will surge from $1.53-billion in 2013 $10.2-billion in 2018.

Abattis is currently trading at .16 with a market cap of $11 million.

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