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The VieTagz Near Field Communication Wristband is Officially Launched


The Unique New Wristband is One of the Most Advanced NFC Medical ID, Contactless Payments and Secured Entry Wearable that is Now on the Market

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2016 / William Troy Pittman is pleased to announce the launch of his new and innovative VieTagz wristband. As Pittman explained, the VieTagz wristband is one of the most advanced Near Field Communication (NFC) medical ID, contactless payments and secured entry wearable that is currently on the market.

"The way we interact in the world is changing," Pittman said, adding that people are constantly on the go and are looking for true mobility. "The VieTagz wristband delivers, bringing you the freedom to leave your ID, your bulky wallet, your key fob and commuter pass at home."

Thanks to its stylish looks, waterproof features and durable multifunctions--not to mention how easy it is to wear due to its light weight--the VieTagz can be used every day. Housed inside the attractive wristband is a variety of advanced and secured contactless payment technology.

As Pittman noted, each wristband can handle Visa and MasterCard compatible payments, and it is also compatible with debit, credit and e-purse applications. The VieTagz supports open and close loop payments and it's made from TPV, which is a flexible hypoallergenic material.

The VieTagz also works as a medical ID; thanks to its online management platform, people can create their own unique user profiles. The wearer simply needs to answer a short questionnaire and then drag and drop the wristband icon to a user profile. This will allow the wristband to provide the wearer's medical history, medication requirements, and emergency contact information.

In order to help pay for the costs that are associated with the new VieTagz wristband, Pittman recently launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter. He hopes to raise $50,000 through crowdfunding to help bring as many of his innovative new wristbands as possible to his eager customers.

To learn more about the VieTagz wristbands or to make a donation to Pittman's new Kickstarter campaign, please visit

About VieTagz:

VieTagz wristbands are an advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) medical ID, contactless payments and secured entry wearable. The new wristbands, which were invented by William Troy Pittman, lets people leave their heavy purses, bulky wallets and ID behind and rely on the VieTagz wristband. This innovative idea is currently a campaign on Kickstarter looking to reach its full funding potential, and get this wristband out there for everyone's convenience.


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