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CordCondom, a Tool to Help Users Practice Safe Charging, Announces its Launch


The New Invention Prolongs the Life of Chargers by Protecting Them from Wear and Tear

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2016 / Luca and Amanda, two Toronto, Canada-based entrepreneurs, recently announced the launch of their latest invention, the CordCondom. The product, which is a fine tube that is placed along the charger in order to protect it from outside damage, aims to prolong the life of chargers and save customers time and money.

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According to a statement released by the company, over 300 million chargers in North America are thrown away every year. The average charger lasts less than one year, and less than five percent of the discarded chargers are recycled. To combat this problem for both Apple and Android users, Luca and Amanda developed the CordCondom—a stretchy protector that fits the mold of any phone charger, regardless of the device.

The CordCondom takes under 15 seconds to place over the charger and requires no tools for installation. Additionally, all of Luca and Amanda's products are made from 100-percent silicone, which ensures that the protector is built to last and will not cause any latex allergy reactions.

"We strive on solving problems that we ourselves face on a daily basis," said Luca and Amanda. "Every CordCondom is made to slip onto your charger and reinforce the charger you currently use. No need to constantly buy new chargers, just make yours better."

At this time, Luca and Amanda have taken their project to Kickstarter, where they seek the necessary funds to bring the CordCondom to the masses. The money raised will be used to manufacture and distribute CordCondoms in ore colors and patterns. In exchange for the public's support, Luca and Amanda are offering a wide variety of perks, such as packs of CordCondoms.

Individuals interested in learning more about CordCondom can visit the project's Kickstarter page for additional information.

About CordCondom:

CordCondom is silicon sleeve that slips over the end of a charger to protect the cord from bends and breaks. It is made to work on both Apple Lightning and most micro USB connectors commonly used with Android phones. The CordCondom is easy to use and rolls on within seconds, and also comes in a variety of colors to customize each charger. For more information, please visit


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