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PPMH Accepts Buyout Offer for Its Cannabis Focused Social Media Application


MEMPHIS, TN / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2017 / Platinum Pari-Mutuel Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: PPMH), a company focused on innovation and enterprise by acquiring, managing, and operating technology based companies for growth within the industry, is proud to announce that it has accepted a tendered offer from South American Gold Corp. (OTC PINK: SAGD) for the acquisition of PotCircles, a cannabis social media network currently in development by PPMH's tech incubator subsidiary, GreatDay Inc.

South American Gold Corp. and the Company have executed an LOI that will give PPMH 10,000,000 common, non-reversing shares of SAGD stock carrying a present day value of approximately $700,000 in addition to receiving a 2.5% ongoing revenue share from gross profits for the life of the application. PotCircles is a cannabis focused social network set to launch on April 20th and just one of the projects currently being considered or already in development by GreatDay, Inc.

Paul Baioni, CEO of PPMH, stated, "This opportunity represents a prime example of how our company strives to create impact and increase shareholder value. The return on this investment alone will provide significant increase in value to PPMH and provide resources for continued development of innovative solutions for PPMH through its GreatDay incubator subsidiary."

PPMH routinely reviews and considers opportunities that compliment its tradition of award winning products and global recognition. All projects are reviewed in light of PPMH's long-term strategy. Those that fit within the framework for long-term value are developed and promoted by the Company. Other projects, like PotCircles, are shopped and sold to entities that can best develop and promote them. SAGD will assume the continued responsibilities of development and promotion of the application to a revenue generating level of growth. PPMH is placing South American Gold in touch with the appropriate developers and consultants to assist in the completion and launch of PotCircles.

Paul Baioni went on to say, "As we focus on our primary industry sectors, GreatDay continues to develop new ideas and concepts that impact society and create shareholder value. Some of these developments will remain as PPMH products and some, like this one, will receive outside offers. With each new project, we weigh the opportunity for immediate ROI versus the long-term cost factors and future ROI. This transaction represents one that would be best suited for outside advancement, while providing liquid assets and potentially producing a significant ongoing revenue stream."

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