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Nicole Corah Billock Teams Up with Husband Neil's New Consultancy Firm


DORADO, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2017 / Nicole Corah Billock will be teaming up with her husband, Neil, to start a new web-based consultancy firm from Puerto Rico. The couple moved to the Caribbean late last year with their two daughters and are aiming to fully immerse themselves in their new local community. Their firm will leverage Neil's years of experience as a marketing executive in order to help businesses create efficient and effective marketing strategies and Nicole's management expertise.

"I'm really excited about both our move to Puerto Rico and our new consultancy firm," Nicole says. "This is an amazing opportunity for us to grow our business while living overseas. We've been expanding Neil's client base for the past year and half and think we have the experience to continue bringing in new clients without being located in mainland U.S.A."

The couple are now based in Dorado, Puerto Rico. The Caribbean territory is an unincorporated region of the United States. Residents enjoy many of the benefits of U.S. citizenship and market access without having to pay U.S. federal income tax. The island has become a popular destination over the past few years as technology has made it easier for people to work from anywhere within the United States. Round trip flights from the capital can often be purchased for under $300 - meaning traveling for business and familial commitments is never un-affordable.

"Nicole has always been a factor in my success," Neil says, "While she hasn't always been in the boardroom with me over the past 15 years, she has been critical in helping the expansion of my consultancy ever since I left full-time work. She has a great feel for business development and ensures that communication with clients is seamless."

SOURCE: Nicole Corah Billock