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Apex Farms Corp. Announces Letter of Intent with Ghana for Agricultural Expansion


WILMINGTON, DE / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2018 / Apex Farms Corp. is pleased to announce it has signed a non-binding LOI with the President of Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana (ABCECG)/CEO of Malkna. Ambassador Williams Amoah had contacted Apex Farms Corp. sometime in Feb. 2018 with interest to collaborate and help renovate up to 70 acres in Ghana to be retrofitted with Apex Vertical systems.

Currently, Apex Farms Corp. is working closely with Mr. Williams Amoah and the President of ABCECG to prepare a definitive agreement for this joint venture. If this joint venture becomes definitive it would represent 3,500 Apex Rows to be installed on the property in Ghana, which we believe will increase the production of the land up to 10x compared to conventional farming methods. The land already has working electricity and running water, so prefabrication of the Apex Vertical systems and Installation could begin immediately after the parties agree upon terms in a definitive agreement. We expect that the terms of the joint venture will include a profit-sharing arrangement where Apex Farms would receive a percentage of the revenues from produce that is sold. Furthermore, we expect that the terms of the joint venture will include the granting to the president at ABCECG of exclusive resale rights to any country in Africa. We are calling our "Gateway to Africa" deal.

Alexander M. Woods-Leo the Founder and CEO of Apex Farms Corp. went on to say, "This letter of intent represents the potential entry into a market that has severe mechanizing agricultural issues and food pricing problems. Our system could help satisfy the significant demand for food in a region that desperately needs agricultural change."

Amb. Williams Amoah goes on to state, "Apex Farms Corporation's coming to Africa(Ghana) should be both imperative and indispensable in present circumstances where agriculture and agribusiness has been sighted as major economic emancipation issue required as Filip towards national stability and cohesion for benign purposefulness. The inadequacy in food sufficiency is prime factor beckoning for modern high-tech machinery for the production of high yield and spontaneous market incentive harvests. Thus, Ghana and in a wider vein Africa is ripe for such intervention which Apex Farms could fill. Mind you the rampant hunger and deprivation that have gingered dangerous mass migration in many quarters could be stemmed with firm food security and abundance. The popular African adage simplifies it; 'a hungry man is an angry man.'"

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About Apex Farms Corp.

Apex Farms Corp. designs highly practical vertical growing systems that even the little guy can afford! We have analyzed, challenged, and worked out a system for growing food that can be accessible to everyone at the lowest possible price! We see our community as the world at large, standardizing our farming method to create jobs, cultivate healthier eating opportunities, and reducing the carbon footprint is our main focus.

With global hunger on the rise, many farms face challenges in meeting demand due to the high costs of water, land, energy, and labor. Apex Farms Corp. has developed a Vertical Farming System to address this need. Using patent-pending technology, the hydroponic system can grow a wide variety of plants, including vine plants, root plants, flowers, and greens. The planting rows are stacked to reduce overall resource use but are fully accessible for harvesting from the ground - no need for conveyor belts, scaffolding, or complex machinery. Ultimately, the company wants to achieve near-perfect efficiency and allow clients to fully customize their farm.


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