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KYSTAR, the Media Company for Digital Native Football Fans


UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2022 / If there's anything that today's successful entrepreneurs can attest to, it's the power of keeping up with trends and having their finger on the pulse of the market. To a certain degree, it is no longer enough to bridge the gap between consumers and what they want merely. In delivering products and services, founders and business owners must make sure that their target audiences are satisfied not only with their quality but also with their delivery. KYSTAR, the digital media company founded in 2014 by Koray Yalcin, has managed to secure a coveted spot at the forefront of the industry by continually keeping up to date with what can pique the interest of football enthusiasts.

Based in the Netherlands, KYSTAR is a company that is highly cognizant of the power of digital technology and the ever-increasing number of people who turn to online-based platforms as a source of entertainment and news. Given that the current generation is treating cyberspace as its second home, the venture's founder, Koray Yalcin, made the bold move to penetrate the saturated digital scene to deliver football content accessible by a click of a button.

KYSTAR started out as a YouTube channel that hosted videos born out of the passion-fueled mind of Yalcin. Since its launch, it has produced one viral video after another, a feat that not every creator can boast of having accomplished. The level of success that the channel quickly reached can be credited to its unique way of providing original football content and Yalcin's in-depth understanding of the sports. As a football fan himself, he knew what fans wanted to see.

Over the years, KYSTAR continued to grow organically. This year, the YouTube channel achieved over 500,000 subscribers and earned a total number of 250 million views. In recognition of the prominence of other social media platforms, this brainchild of Koray Yalcin expanded its reach by establishing the brand on Instagram and, now, on TikTok.

Knowing full well that every social media platform has its own algorithms and distinctive approaches to capturing the attention of users, KYSTAR places a heavy premium on making its offerings as tailored as possible. It takes into consideration what will appeal the most to the user base of each site and goes all-out in providing top-notch content.

KYSTAR has also succeeded in earning a loyal following because of its focus on the current and future digital native football fans. From the get-go, the modern media company has steered away from the outdated tendency to stick to the serious facets of the game, going beyond reporting game analytics and statistics by delivering entertaining and funny posts, as well.

As social media remains a massive force, KYSTAR plans to keep wielding the various digital-based platforms to its advantage. In the years to come, it hopes not only to gain a couple of million followers across its accounts but also make more quality content and collaborate with powerhouses in the industry.

Learn more about KYSTAR by visiting its website.

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