Zenosense Vaults on Test Strip Development

Seconds count when one’s heart appears ready to give out, and any advantage a would-be heart attack victim and health-care professionals around him or her is a welcome one.

Zenosense Inc (OTC:ZENO), a health-care technology company focused on the development and commercialization of the MIDS Cardiac™ hand-held technology for the early detection of heart attack at the Point of Care, announced an update on test strip development by its MIDS Medical Ltd joint venture, or MML.

It’s MML which is in the process of prototyping an improved microfluidic detection area for its prospective MIDS Cardiac test strip.

MML’s contracting company has produced a first set of microfluidic strips containing the new detection area. These incorporate a micro-machined, deepened section designed to maximize the trapping of the assay beads and to concentrate them directly on the sensor.

On a day rough day for markets in general, shares in Zenosense acquired one cent, or 7.1%, to 15 cents, on volume of 178,000.