DXI Energy Inc.

10:20 AM EST - DXI Energy Inc. : Announced three financial transactions that improve the Company's financial position: The elimination of a $6,967,000 financial contract liability that has hindered the balance sheet of the Company's US subsidiary, Dejour Energy (USA) Inc., for several years, in return for the assignment of certain non-producing, non-core leasehold interests. The conversion by five individual lenders of $4,280,000 in secured loans into equity at $0.06 per common share. Of that, 13,000,000 common shares, representing C$780,000 is effective immediately. The balance of $3,500,000 will be converted into 58,333,333 shares at $0.06 per share subject to the approval of the TSX and disinterested shareholders to be sought at the Company's upcoming annual and special shareholder meeting to be held in April. DXI Energy Inc.
shares T.DXI are trading unchanged at $0.05.