NRG Metals Inc.

02:00 PM EST - NRG Metals Inc. : Announced it has formed a "strategic alliance" with Lilac Solutions (Lilac) of Oakland, California. Lilac has developed and patented a new ion exchange technology, the "IX Process," to address the challenges of conventional evaporative extraction of lithium from brines. The company's unique ion exchange beads and continuous brine processing system together enable a simple, modern, and robust process yielding concentrated high-purity lithium solutions in hours instead of years. Lilac has reported 90% recovery of lithium from brine, which is double that of evaporative technology. This partnership will begin with pilot project work for NRG's Hombre Muerto North (HMN) Lithium Project in Salta, Argentina. Lilac will build and test a pilot-scale lithium extraction module and complete detailed engineering for an on-site pilot plant producing lithium chloride at a rate of one tonne per month of lithium carbonate equivalents. All work will be performed under the supervision of a Qualified Person as defined under National Instrument 43-101. Upon successful completion of module testing and detailed engineering, Lilac and NRG will be positioned to quickly deploy an on-site pilot plant at the HMN Lithium Project. NRG Metals Inc. shares V.NGZ are trading off 1 cent at $0.26.