Skylight Health Group Inc

10:28 AM EST - Skylight Health Group Inc : Announced that it will begin in-person primary care services in 4 of its existing clinical locations in the US. These will include: Bangor, ME, Yarmouth Port, MA, Princeton, NJ and Denver, CO. Between 2017-2019, the Company acquired over 30 clinics across 16 states that were historically focused on non-insurable patient services. As part of the Company’s transition and evolution to primary care services in the US driven by patient need, Skylight mandated that these locations servicing over 100,000 patients would be transitioned a to primary care practices. The 4 locations noted will be the first of many conversions this year. Patients are to receive a holistic and inclusive range of services including primary care, urgent care, and other sub-specialties. Providers will be credentialed with both government payors (Medicare/Medicaid) and commercial payors, thus offering the most flexibility for patients, and enhanced reimbursement opportunities for our clinics. Skylight Health Group Inc shares V.SHG are trading down 8 cents at $1.21.