Antibe Therapeutics Inc.

09:15 AM EST - Antibe Therapeutics Inc. : Announced that the boards of directors of Antibe and Antibe Holdings Inc. have agreed to combine the companies in an amalgamation transaction pursuant to which shareholders of Holdings will receive common shares of the Company in exchange for their shares of Holdings. This agreement follows negotiations originally announced in December 2020. “This is a desirable outcome for all parties,” commented Dan Legault, Antibe’s CEO. “With this agreement, we’ve unlocked value by providing potential partners and institutional investors with a straightforward, unified IP base for our drugs and platform. We’ve also extinguished a significant royalty commitment, amounting to 15% of licensing revenues from our pipeline drugs. As we accelerate our partnering efforts for the large markets, we expect this agreement to strengthen our position and expand our options for monetization.” Antibe Therapeutics Inc. shares T.ATE are trading unchanged at $4.08.

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