Bluesky Digital Assets Corp

02:50 PM EST - Bluesky Digital Assets Corp : Announced today that, consistent with its previously announced November 3, 2021 mining hardware ordered from Pandaminer for $1.2 Million Dollars CAD under an existing strategic vendor relationship with Pandaminer, this full order has now been received in Bluesky's primary mining facility. Bluesky estimates that this addition of new hardware, along with the previously announced hardware delivery on October 28, 2021 will add an additional combined 96440 MH/s of mining power to our current Ethereum (ETH) focus. Bluesky estimates at this time, based on current market and performance values, that with this addition of mining equipment, combined with the addition of the mining equipment that was received and announced on October 28, 2021 that an additional $800,000 CAD of gross revenue will be added, per quarter. Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. shares C.BTC are trading unchanged at $0.44.

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