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Hangover Joe's (HJOE) St Patrick's Day 2016 Celebrates 5th Annual National Hangover Joe's Day - Launches Smart Vending Hangover Machines


(HJOE) Celebrates St. Patrick's Day and Launches Smart Hangover Vending Machines

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2016 / The nations #1 leading morning after hangover recovery drink (AKA) The Hangover Recovery Shot by Hangover Joe's (HJOE) is celebrating everything #Hangover, the day after St. Patrick's Day for the 5th year in a row. Those who threw caution to the wind and tipped a pint or two and were left a feeling a little green while enjoying everything Irish can now join millions of Americans in a celebratory toast to a rapid recovery on Friday, March 18, 2016 - the 5th annual National Hangover Joe's Day. Instead of searching in vain for the wish-granting powers of the fabled four-leaf clover or an elusive Leprechaun, ordinary Joe's everywhere can triumph in the battle of the morning after with the legendary contents of a little yellow bottle - "The Hangover Recovery Shot." Just take this hangover recovery shot in the morning after drinking and you too will be relieved, recovered and re-energized! We believe there is a little Hangover Joe in everybody from time to time and more so on St. Paddy's Day.

The Hangover Recovery Shot can be found coast to coast in convenience stores, liquor stores, grocery stores, retail drug outlets, hardware stores, hotel mini bars, tattoo shops, hair salons & spas, gyms, bars, nightclubs, gift shops and even on private rental Lear jets. The brand is growing both domestically and internationally and is becoming one of the biggest new beverage in stores nationwide. This is a brand on the move, we are gaining market share one dealer at a time, one retailer at a time and one consumer at a time. So many people are sharing our brand in social media and we have a very strong following of both consumers, retailers, dealers and shareholders, our core believers.

"So much has changed since last year," said Matthew Veal, CEO. "We have a dealer's network of our own dealers around the country that are filling retailers with our brand and servicing the brand, which is key to our success and growth. We have foot soldiers who are building the brand all over this country and we are adding more dealers monthly, were taking the brand to Main Street, to the consumer who needs relief from hangovers. This year our brand will be in many markets form the East Coast to the Midwest, South, Southwest, West Coast and Northwest! We are the largest hangover recovery beverage brand in the country. This year consumers all over the USA are going to be able to wake to a choice of being #HangoverFree with #NoHangover. We have been using these hashtags in our social media and we have a movement going on all over this country with this brand."

This is becoming a tradition for the company that is the leader in hangover recovery in USA. "National Hangover Joe's Day is for all the working stiffs out there that celebrate in the spirit of the Irish, our dealers are going to be out sampling and passing out hangover recovery shots on St. Patrick's Day! You can be Irish on Thursday this year and be Hangover Free on Friday! We're building this brand in the streets," said Shawn Adamson, Co-Founder and head of sales and marketing for Hangover Joe's. "The brand resonates with many demographic, from blue collar workers, to urban professionals, hipsters, millennial, generation x to baby boomers. One of our dealers in El Paso has many Hispanics using the brand. The brand is diverse, it's hip and breaks through the clutter and yes it's a little politically incorrect and we like that. People have been drinking for years and that's not going to stop -nor is our company or our brand, it's only going to continue to grow in the USA and overseas. This is a large market and we're going to own it!”

This St. Patrick's Day we're launching hangover recovery shot smart vending machines in bars and clubs. This is revolutionary, as we're going to be replacing what use to be a huge market for cigarette machines in bars and clubs with something that is good for you and helps you recovery from the dreaded the hangover, unlike cigarettes that kill people hangover recovery shots aid the consumer in feeling better and that is a good thing. Who does not want to feel better and establishments love the idea that they can offer this to their customers! These machines are going to be cashless and be self-standing machines with social media on them. They will work as mobile billboards for the brand, but will also dispense the relief needed to feel better after a night of consuming adult beverages. The machines will also have social media that will build the brands ever growing social community our social interaction is high and it's only going to grow with smart vending machines.

"These smart vending machines are a game changer," said Mike Jaynes Co-founder and Director of Operations for Hangover Joe's. "Not only can "The Hangover Recovery Shot" give a much needed boost to American party-goers nationwide, but it also has the potential to save businesses, big and small, plenty of green - greenbacks that is. In the past, March 18th has taken precedence as one of the leading "sick days" in the country. Hundreds of thousands of working stiffs and executives alike have traditionally stayed at home on the days directly after the holiday in order to nurse the after effects of a rousing St. Patrick's Day. The national recovery of this holiday costs American companies millions of dollars each year. As we continue to add dealers and major markets these machines can help reduce this problem as well as all of the retail locations." "This is a billion dollar category hangover recovery and were going to lead the way," added Matthew Veal, CEO for Hangover Joe's.

We're actually going to be offering a solution to feeling better in the morning at the point of sale of alcohol in bars and nightclubs, this is a win win for both the consumers, establishments, our dealer's network and the company's shareholders. We believe these machines are going to really increase revenue for the company, while helping consumers feel better the morning after and increase productivity. The "CDC" Center of Disease Control in Atlanta a few months back stated that over 249 billion dollars is lost from the USA economy due to lack of productivity from hangovers per year. We feel Smart Vending Machines are just another option to help build our brand and create revenue for our dealers, Company and our shareholders and in doing this were also helping people feel better after a night of indulging.

In the end, this St. Patrick's Day, Americans revelers will just shrug their shoulders, raise a pint, and shout "Slainté!" as they toast to good health. It just goes to show that even average Joe's are Irish on March 17th, which is good reason for Americans to stock up on "The Hangover Recovery Shot" for the inevitable morning after. This rejuvenating blend of essential vitamins and exotic herbs is available around the country look for it and ask for it by name. For best results, drink a recovery shot immediately upon awakening in the morning. Just shake it and take it, #GetItAndGetOverIt and you too we be #NoHangover #HangoverFee! This St. Patrick's Day - Hangover Relief Is Just A Shot Away with Hangover Joe's! Join us in celebrating National Hangover Joe's Day, Friday March 18th. 2016 for the 5th year. #MakeAmericaHangoverFree

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