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London Day School(R) Franchising LLC Adds Divergent Thinking Activities Program To Its Innovative Preschool Curriculum


New Addition To London Day School® Curriculum Fosters Creativity and Encourages Continued Emotional and Social Growth For Preschoolers

FLORHAM PARK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / October 14, 2016 / Reflecting its drive to foster creativity and continued emotional and social growth, the London Day School® Franchising LLC has implemented a new educational program entitled Divergent Thinking to its core preschool curriculum, it was announced by Danielle R. Lindner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the London Day School®.

Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Incorporated by London Day School teachers as part of each morning's 'Circle Time,' Divergent Thinking Activities encourages children to generate creative ideas by exploring several possible solutions. Teachers will ask children to examine ordinary objects and come up with extraordinary uses for them. As an example, the teacher invites children to suggest possible applications for a paper clip. While preschoolers may recommend clipping two pieces of paper together, their answers may also include creating a fishing line, making a necklace, designing shapes, or using them to paint.

"As we get older our divergent thinking skills become weaker. Our Divergent Thinking program allows us to foster and strengthen these skills throughout the preschool years. Preschoolers can be our most prolific divergent thinkers and we want to ensure that our curriculum fosters these skills," said Lindner.

Launched in February 2016, the New Jersey-based preschool, London Day School Franchise, is available to local entrepreneurs who are passionate about contributing to their communities with a viable alternative to daycare that delivers a fulfilling learning experience to children. The preschool's innovative curriculum reflects Lindner's focus on providing a more balanced approach to early childhood learning that engages the whole child, combining essential academic skills with a focus on social and emotional development.

As a result, the London Day School® learning environment gives students the tools they need to achieve success in STEM, public speaking, foreign language, the arts and character education.

In addition to heading up London Day School® Franchising LLC, Lindner is also an accomplished children's author of more than 25 educational children's storybooks and hosts Miss Danielle's Preschoolbuds television series seen on Amazon Prime. All of Lindner's acclaimed story books play an important role in the London Day School curriculum, helping children address life's daily challenges.

About London Day School® Franchising LLC: A trendsetting preschool program, offering parents a uniquely protective and engaging learning environment to help socialize their children, and inspire them to become educationally curious and motivated. Developed by noted educator and London Day School® founder Danielle Lindner, London Day School® is created to provide parents a far more enriching option than daycare. London Day School classes are designed for parents that value an intimate classroom experience where teacher-to-student ratios exceed state standards, and an environment where families share a sense of belonging. Reflecting its commitment to Character Education as a cornerstone of its award-winning curriculum, London Day School serves as the only preschool with its own Character Education book series and television series (available for viewing on the Amazon Prime digital platform).

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