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Flair Airlines Adds Flights In Anticipation Of WestJet Strike

Flair Airlines says it is adding flights in the lead-up to the May long weekend as it prepares to take advantage of a possible strike by pilots at rival WestJet Airlines.

Flair, a discount airline, says it is adding flights starting May 19 between Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, and that it will add even more flights in the event of a lengthy pilots strike at WestJet.

Edmonton-based Flair Airlines has said that its bookings have increased since a potential strike at Calgary-based WestJet was first reported in the media.

The union representing WestJet pilots has issued a 72-hour strike notice and could stop working as early as May 19.

WestJet management has responded with a lockout notice that could also take effect on May 19.

The pilots are demanding job protection, higher pay, and revised scheduling, while the company has said that an especially lucrative contract for the pilots would hurt WestJet financially.

Both Flair Airlines and WestJet are privately held companies.