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Canada’s Retail Sales Rose 0.7% In April

Retail sales across Canada rose 0.7% to $66.80 billion in April of this year, led by increases at gas stations.

Statistics Canada said that retail sales advanced in seven of nine subsectors during April, with the biggest gains coming from fuel vendors and food companies.

In terms of volume, Canada’s retail sales grew 0.5% in April.

Sales at gasoline stations and fuel vendors increased 4.5%, the first gain in three months. In volume terms, sales at gasoline stations rose 1.7%.

The largest decline in retail sales during April was seen among motor vehicle and parts dealers, which posted a 2.2% decrease. Sales at new car dealers fell 2.9%.

Other highlights include food and beverage sales that gained 1.9%, led by growth among grocery retailers.

Sales at beer, wine and liquor retailers increased 5.5% in April, the first growth in four months. In all, retail sales increased in eight of Canada’s provinces, with the largest increase in Alberta.

The largest provincial decline in April was seen in Ontario, where overall retail sales fell 1% due largely to lower sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers.

Statistics Canada added that its advance estimate suggests that retail sales decreased 0.6% in May. However, that figure will be revised before a final number is released in July of this year.