Canadians Spent More Than $2 Billion On Legal Cannabis In 2020

Canadians bought $2.01 billion of dried flower cannabis products in 2020, according to Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada's quarterly retail commodity survey showed that dried flower continued to dominate the legal Canadian recreational cannabis market, accounting for more than three-quarters of all sales.

Roughly $2.01 billion of dried flower, which includes pre-rolls, were sold in 2020, with the fourth quarter seeing nearly double the amount sold from the year earlier period with $614.4 million. The next leading category was extracts and concentrates, which had sales of $323.9 million last year.

Extracts and concentrates was only made available for legal sale in October 2019, but sales surged in retail activity with quarterly sales tripling by the fourth-quarter of the year to $123.7 million.

Meanwhile, infused edible products - which were hit the market at the same time as extracts – had only $42 million in sales last year, according to Statistics Canada. The category includes food products such as soft chews and drinks, and its lower-than-anticipated sales may indicate customer pick-up may not be as strong as expected.

Oil products beat out edibles with $172.7 million in sales. Roughly $1.5 million of cannabis seeds and vegetative plants were sold last year - an early sign of a burgeoning home grow market.