Looking for Growth? Check out this Fund

Investors seeking growth options today certainly have their pick to choose from. The technology sector alone has enough growth names to keep any investor busy researching their options ad nauseum in perpetuity.

Picking and choosing the right growth oriented companies to put into a portfolio to hold for long periods of time can be tricky, in part due to the timing of such investments, and also due to the relative difficulty of valuing many of these equities.

For those looking to spend less time analyzing companies and more time putting their hard earned money to work, the Vanguard Growth Index (NYSE:VIGAX) is an excellent vehicle to do so.

Being a Vanguard product, this large growth fund provides investors with unparalleled access to most of the great growth options out there, with very small management fees, allowing investors to reap the majority of the rewards of putting their money to work over the long-term in such funds.

This fund essentially replicates many actively managed growth funds in the large cap space, providing investors with access to such securities at a small fraction of the cost.

For long-term investors looking for ways to capitalize on growth, paying lower fees translates into stronger category-relative performance over time, making funds such as the VIGAX one to consider.

Another excellent benefit this fund offers relative to other growth options out there is the fact that it tracks a growth index which offers impressive buffer rules which mitigate excessive equity turnover, one of the reasons why management expense ratios can increase over time.

Invest wisely, my friends.