ScreenPro Security Inc.

10:19 AM EST - ScreenPro Security Inc. : Announced that it has commenced a new business line providing rapid antigen testing for individuals and corporations with its newly approved Health Canada Rapid Antigen tests. The ScreenPro test are administered by our team of trained nurses and provide results in 10 minutes. By initiating this new platform, the Company has lowered the financial barrier for testing to as little as $60 per test making this a much more affordable option for individuals looking for piece of mind and corporations wanting to ensure a safe and secure workplace environment. This is a significant step for ScreenPro in achieving the Company's core strategy- getting Canadians back to work and school safely. ScreenPro's rapid antigen test kit, with over 94% sensitivity, is a point-of-care offering where a trained nurse will collect a sample from the client using a nasal swab. When compared with the traditional PCR testing, rapid testing enables the employer to test larger groups of employees in a shorter period of time at a significant cost saving. ScreenPro Security Inc. shares C.SCRN are trading unchanged at $0.11.

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