BioCardia Shares Pump Higher

BioCardia (NASDAQ:BCDA) had reason to get its collective heart beating faster Tuesday, on word its flagship products is now commercially available.

The San Carlos, Calif-based company, priding itself as a leader in the development of comprehensive solutions for cardiovascular regenerative therapies, today announced the U.S. commercial availability of its AVANCE™ Bi-Directional Steerable Introducer Sheath for introducing various cardiovascular catheters into the heart.

AVANCE purports to address the shortcomings of currently available steerable introducers with its unique patent-protected "Morph DNA" technology creating a high-performance steerable introducer for superior control during complex procedures.

The AVANCE catheter is designed to have uniform bending characteristics in all directions by having the two tendon wires wrap helically around the catheter shaft, like the double helix in DNA. The uniform bending characteristics where critically important are intended to reduce what EPs and ICs refer to as “whip” in catheter navigation, where the catheter jumps to a new location in an uncontrolled fashion.

AVANCE was recently used on a patient at John F. Kennedy Hospital in West Palm Beach.

Shares in BCDA popped early Tuesday afternoon by 77 cents, or 22.5%, to $4.19, though volume consisted of a mere 45,000 shares.