Health Stocks Jump Tuesday

Health-care companies again occupy investor attention this Tuesday, as the search for treatments against COVID-19, or even a vaccine to protect from the dreaded virus, continue.

In New York, the health-care sector tailed off 0.4% during noon hour in the eastern time zone, while in Canada, the sector advanced 2.4%.

Tulsa-based RJD Green (OTC: RJDG) Tuesday revealed several company acquisition initiatives and the challenges in creating a win-win acquisition valuation during a period of economic uncertainty.

Green, operates as a holding company with a focus of acquiring and managing assets and companies. RJD Green operates in three divisions: RJD Green Healthcare Services Division, which holds interest in IoSoft Inc, a company that provides discrete payment technologies, services and software that can be integrated into targeted offerings for healthcare provider networks, hospitals, healthcare payers and individual providers:

Green’s search continues for synergistic opportunities with “a primary focus on services to the healthcare sector which complement our current IOSoft payment software platform efforts.”

The Company has found relatively strong seller interest in its market focuses.

In the health-care focus, RJDG has been able to engage discussions with three entities and is advancing the process with two of the corporations

Green shares triumphed early Tuesday afternoon nearly 38% to 1.69 cents, on volume of 8.5 million shares.

North of the line, Montreal-based Relevium Technologies Inc. (TSX-Venture:RLV), has secured licenced a patented science based nutraceutical formulation that addresses major points of viral invasion, replication and toxicities develop by Dr. Dana Flavin, an internationally-recognized expert in immune modulation and the prevention and treatment of viruses and cancer.

Flavin is of the opinion the most important aspect of a multiple pathway approach is synergy – a process in which some substances cooperate to reach a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their separate effect. Synergy is not only important in the development of a specific effective formulation, but also as an adjunct to conventional drug therapy.

RLV shares vaulted 20% to three cents Tuesday, on volume of 1.8 million shares.