Can Starlink Change the Game for the Telecommunications Sector?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been a disruptor for about as long as he’s been active in growing companies. Among his various endeavors which include launching rocket ships via SpaceX and growing Tesla, a company that produces EVs to mass production, has been his Starlink internet venture.

This company aims to provide voice service according to a recent filing with a U.S. telecom regulator. This company was initially expected to be used as a means to provide internet services to countries with poorer populations and a lack of infrastructure, but it appears Musk is targeting the highly profitable and sought after telecom industry in the U.S. first. This makes sense, because if this venture is to profitable long-term, targeting a country which can provide sufficient cash flow growth in the near-term could allow for such long-term goals to be achieved.

Starlink’s plan? The company wants to offer telephone service using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, using an existing voice platform, to get started. This technology is expected to be a hit, particularly in rural communities where the cost tends to be higher for slower-quality internet, and voice service can be interrupted in certain areas.

Musk is not short on innovation, and this Starlink venture could be another one of the services in the SpaceX portfolio that really take off over the long-term. Investors in companies like Tesla are really buying into the CEO at this point in time, and to date, these investments have certainly paid off.

Invest wisely, my friends.