Don't Fall for these Pump-and-Dump Tricks

Feeling duped in any situation never feels good. Investors who buy into a story, rhetoric, or an emotion/feeling rather than the fundamentals underpinning a company, certainly take on significantly higher levels of risk than those who focus primarily on the numbers.

Of course, in many cases, the hype and rhetoric which is spewed about a certain company or industry is accurate.

Companies that are expected to see "parabolic" or "exponential" growth over a short period of time may indeed be participating in "the next big economic transformation." As with most hyperbole, however, the devil is usually in the details, and by the time you've heard the plumber's story about how he 10x'd his investment in three months, many times it's just far too late to participate in any sort of continued rapid price advance, for a few reasons.

Financial markets engage in price discovery every second of every day. When a company or sector experiences rapid increases over short amounts of time, those who profit off of the "dump" side of the pump-and-dump equation will be ready and waiting, getting their short positions established and looking to profit off of those who have driven the price of a given security higher, knowingly or unknowingly.

Most bubbles are driven by some aspect of truth - sometimes the truth underlying such a bubble is stretched to the limits of reality, in which case it's time to be very worried (I see much of this in the recent cryptocurrency and cannabis bubbles).

Be aware of the numbers underpinning such investments, and take a look at what track record such companies have before jumping in with two feet.

Invest wisely, my friends.