Haven't Done a Personal Finance Check Yet? No Worries - Start With These Tips

Now that we're in recovery mode from this most recent holiday season and into the "New Year, new you" annual push, for those of us who haven't yet gotten around to doing a personal finance check, here a few practical tips to get this year started off right.

Make a Budget

Knowing how much you're spending on raman at that fancy restaurant down the street at an aggregate level can shame even the most shameless among us into re-thinking our daily habits.

Making sure that one's financial goals are aligned with particular spending traits is an important first step. No one can generate wealth by spending more than one makes - starting here is both prudent and necessary.

Get Aggressive

Taking care of the other side of the income statement (income), pushing for a promotion or additional income stream this year can be very empowering.

Besides the obvious monetary benefit one receives from increasing productivity to impress a boss, or adjusting one's habits to allow for secondary income stream, the reality is that changing one's mindset to be focused on personal growth and productivity can have amazing benefits outside of the board room.

Positive habits tend to snowball, and aiming high is a great way to tackle the New Year.

Be Patient

Many of the changes one will need to make to properly implement spending curtailments or obtain that second or third revenue stream will take time - be patient.

Invest wisely, my friends.