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Worldcoin Gains 40% As A.I. Tokens Surge

Worldcoin (WLD), the cryptocurrency developed by artificial intelligence (A.I.) company OpenAI, has gained 40% and hit a record high after blowout earnings from chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA).

A.I. related cryptocurrencies have been rallying hard after Nvidia beat sky-high fourth quarter earnings and first quarter guidance expectations as demand for its microchips and semiconductors remains red hot.

Worldcoin has led the gains in A.I. cryptos, rising 40% in the last 24 hours and increasing more than 150% over the past week following Nvidia’s blockbuster Q4 2023 print.

The token touched an all-time high of $8.85 U.S. over the last day and is currently trading at $8.12 U.S. per token. Cryptocurrencies trade around the clock, seven days a week.

Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency that was co-created by OpenAI founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Sam Altman and is closely associated with A.I. technologies.

Other tokens associated with A.I. that have been rising in recent days include Graph (GRT), which has gained 17% and Render (RNDR), which is up 23%.

The recent launch of OpenAI's new Sora large language model is also being credited with the sharp increase in Worldcoin’s price.

Demand for the Worldcoin token is gaining momentum, say analysts.

Worldapp, which is Worldcoin’s first wallet built to store the crypto, surpassed one million daily users in recent days, according to industry data.

Since the start of February this year, Worldcoin’s price has increased 258%.