Election Campaign Winds Down Amid Accusations of "Disinformation"

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, facing a tough election next week, accused his rivals on Wednesday of fighting a dirty campaign and picked up an endorsement from former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Opinion polls show that Trudeau’s party, in power since 2015, is locked in a tie with Andrew Scheer's opposition Conservatives and will lose its majority in the House of Commons.

Obama called Trudeau a hard-working, effective leader who tackled big issues like climate change.

Obama’s endorsement came just hours after Trudeau, speaking to reporters in Montreal, accused the Conservatives of running "one of the dirtiest, nastiest campaigns based on disinformation that we’ve ever seen in this country."

A Nanos Research overnight poll put the Conservatives at 32.5%, the Liberals at 31.9% and the left-leaning New Democrats (NDP) at 18.8%, which could very well indicate a minority government for whoever amassing the greater number of seats.

Canadians vote on Monday.