Senior Managers Across Canada Are On The Verge Of Quitting: Poll

A new survey suggests that senior managers in Canada are on the brink of quitting their jobs as we emerge from the pandemic.

One in four senior leaders (25%) says he or she is considering resigning, according to new research from accounting firm Deloitte Canada.

A total of 82% of respondents to the poll report finishing work feeling mentally or physically exhausted, 59% said they are unable to relax, while 49% said they are having difficulties sleeping.

Roughly 1,200 senior leaders across nine industries were polled for the survey. For the study, a senior leader refers to someone two positions below the chief executive officer of an organization.

If the study’s warning comes true and senior staff do seek new employment, it could not only disrupt companies in the midst of transitioning back to the office, but also exacerbate the labour crunch many industries are facing coming out of the pandemic, according to Deloitte Canada.