Two-Thirds Of Canadians Considering Switching Jobs: Poll

A new survey has found that 65% of Canadians are seriously considering leaving their job because of compensation and declining job satisfaction.

The annual survey from recruitment firm Hays revealed that 65% of respondents are looking for a change of employment, a 16-point jump over the 49% who said the same last year.

Many Canadian workers have already made a change, with about 40% of employers surveyed reporting that staff have left for higher pay elsewhere.

The survey, based on responses from more than 4,200 employers and employees in July and August, found that 83% of employers are confident in the economic recovery and 53% plan to increase their permanent head count in the next year.

Employers, however, are more reluctant to respond to salary expectations for current employees. The survey found that only 23% of employers plan to increase pay, and those that do plan to provide raises of between 1% and 5%.

Hays forecast that the current staffing issues will persist into next year and possibly even 2023 as the Canadian economy continues to recover from the pandemic.