This Automation-Focused ETF Comes at an Attractive Price Right Now

There are equal parts excitement and dread surrounding the inevitable proliferation of automation in practically all sectors of the economy.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center revealed that large majorities in the 10 countries surveyed agreed that automation would “definitely” or “probably” lead to significant job losses. The lowest percentage was in the United States at a still-high 65% of respondents generally agreeing with the statement.

The survey revealed a deep anxiety among broad sections of the population regarding this trend. It also revealed splits in how populations want automation to be phased in.

Countries like Italy, Brazil, and Argentina believed that governments should play an active role in facilitating this transformation. Only 35% of American respondents agreed that the public sector should play a large role.

Investors who want to take advantage of the explosion of automation set to arrive in the coming years and decades should consider scooping up the Horizons Robotics and Automation ETF (TSX:RBOT).

The ETF fell 0.42% on September 27 and is in negative territory for the year. Its current price is fairly enticing considering the potential of its holdings.

Some of the top holdings in the ETF include Intuitive Surgical Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., and Nvidia Corp. The fund offers solid diversification with significant non-North American holdings.

All U.S.-dollar exposure is also hedged which makes it more attractive as an investment for Canadians. The ETF is worth monitoring as we head into October.