CROP Infrastructure Corp.

01:02 PM EST - CROP Infrastructure Corp. : Announced today it is beginning Phase 1 development covering 1,729,000 square feet (40 acres) of outdoor cannabis and 60,000 square feet of greenhouse at its 1,000-acre cannabis farm in Nevada. It will be protected by an eight-foot-high block wall topped with razor wire and an interior chain link razor wire fence with a guard tower and CCTV. The cost is expected to be $600,000 with final pricing being determined on the greenhouse. Phase 2 will be to triple the size and output of the farm with the addition of 5,227,200 square feet (120 acres) including an additional 120,000 square feet of greenhouse. Phase 1's outdoor output is estimated to be roughly 80,000 pounds per year. The project sits on 1,000 acres of unincorporated land 3.5 hours north of Las Vegas on Highway 95 where outdoor and greenhouse growing is permitted. CROP Infrastructure Corp. shares CROP:CNX are trading Up 5.26 percent at $0.30.