Versus Systems Inc.

11:33 AM EST - Versus Systems Inc. : Announced that it will grow its user base inside the annual $71 billion Asia-Pacific gaming market. Founder Matthew Pierce and Chairman Keyvan Peymani of Versus Systems Inc. (CSE: VS) (OTCQB: VRSSF) (FSE: BMVA) were in Hong Kong last week to meet with potential content and advertising partners focused on Chinese and other Asian markets. As a result of successful meetings, Versus is planning to deploy their patented Winfinte platform alongside a number of partners in the region, bringing real-world prizes to hundreds of millions of potential customers. Asia-Pacific is both the largest, and the fastest growing, gaming market in the world according to Statista, with more than double the annual revenues of the next largest region (North America, $33B). China alone accounts for hundreds of millions of players driving tens of billions of dollars in in-game and in-app purchases annually. "The Winfinite platform allows both local brands and global prize providers the opportunity to give players a personalized, rewarding experience in their gameplay," said Matthew Pierce, Founder and CEO of Versus. "What we are able to do here is the same thing we seek to do everywhere - make interactive media more fun by giving players a chance to earn both local rewards from regional prize providers, and also global rewards from brands that want to reach the most engaged audiences in the world. Winfinite is currently available in a number of mobile games, and inside the HP Omen series of desktop and laptop computers." Versus Systems Inc. shares VS:CNX are trading off 1.72 percent at $0.29.