The Yield Growth Corp.

11:13 AM EST - The Yield Growth Corp. : Announced that on November 6, 2019 Yield Growth closed an agreement to license 126 product formulas to subsidiary Flourish Mushroom Labs. As part of the closing, Flourish Mushroom Labs made the first payment of $1,800,000 due under the license agreement with the issuance to Yield Growth of 90,000,000 common shares of Flourish Mushroom Labs issued at a deemed value of $0.02 per share. The shares are subject to escrow provisions pursuant to NP 46-201 and will be released as follows: 10% on the completion of an initial public offering by Flourish Mushroom Labs, and the balance of shares released over a 36 month term after an initial public offering. The Yield Growth Corp. shares BOSS:CNX are trading up 1.82 percent at $0.28.

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